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Seriously Smart Cookies


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I love cake. All gigs should have cake. Or if you're not at a gig, you should be having cake to make up for it. These cakes in a bottle are perfect for when you're short on time because of all the gigs you're going to or the music you need to listen to!

These delicious Smartie cookies look and taste fantastic. They are super easy to make and perfect for baking with kids. Just add an egg & some soft butter, tip the mixture in a bowl and squish it all together, break the mixture in to small balls and bake.

Seriously Smart Baking!

750ml glass bottle

620g contents

Makes approx 22 cookies

Instructions are included on the bottle.

Requires: 1 large egg & 120g of softened butter.

Allergen info: Contains Wheat, Milk, Whey & Oats

Note: Layers may settle in the post. As we strive to use quality ingredients and pack these in to the bottles so you get the best value, you may need to shake the bottles firmly to empty the contents out.